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    By David Crowther



    Is it possible to display Aerial Imagery within MapThat?


    Yes, MapThat will consume Aerial Imagery in a number of ways:

    • A HTTP Basemap source from a Tile server such as Google
    • Mashed-up WMTS tiles generated from a Raster data source e.g. Aerial Imagery Tiles
    • A WMS feed from Aerial Image tiles – this could be external or internal using GeoServer

    Here is an example Aerial Imagery WMS from MapBox displayed within MapThat and a Thematic Map layer shown on top:


    Recently I worked with a new Local Authority client and they pointed me in the direction of the following website - https://www.apgb.co.uk/products - which listed a number of Imagery data sources that are available for Public Sector organisations:


    Enquiring about this service I ascertained the following:

    • Is this a free service for Local Authorities?

    Yes, provided they are a PSMA member or are working on behalf of a PSMA member and have signed the APGB contractor licence.

    • Can they get the Aerial, CIR, DSM and DTM feeds for free?

    Currently only the RGB Aerial photography is available as a WMS feed. For the other datasets they would need to order physical data using our MapShop portal: https://support.apgb.co.uk/en/article/tutorial-ordering-data

    • How would a Local Authority go about requesting this service?

    Please visit our website www.apgb.co.uk, register and then select the button 'Request WMS' and we do the rest and provide them with a unique URL for the WMS.


    So if you are a Public Sector Organisation and are looking for WMS Aerial Imagery why not sign up and we can help you get the feed into your webGIS.