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    By James Philip 

    If elements are excluded from group instance, they may need to be restored. The items can be manually excluded, see my blog post “Revit 2019 Exclude Elements from a Group Instance” or Revit will automatically exclude items if their placement criteria is not correct e.g. place items on a wall if the wall is not there. See fig 1.


    Fig 1

    To restore the elements to the group instance, the geometry must be rectified first. Then select the affected group instance. See fig 2.


    Fig 2

    The missing item reappears as a ghost item. On the ribbon, you now have the option to restore all excluded items. Be careful because if any items were manually excluded these will be restored also. See fig 3.


    Fig 3

    After option is selected, all the items excluded from the groups reappear. See fig 4.


    Fig 4