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    By Dennis Collin

    The ability to schedule Revit links has been a useful feature for some time in Revit and is useful for keeping track of individual model elements within a larger collaborative model. When nested links are present Revit will schedule not only the container file, but all the nested links as well. Frequently it is only the top container Revit Link that is needed to be seen in the list.


    Revit Links do not have that many fields to utilise. The Name field is an instance parameter that could be used to filter out certain model types as per the following example with a block of flats.


    Fig 1. Before application of field filter


    Fig 2. Filter Linked File List using the Name instance parameter

    Alternatively, the Type parameter could be used, which contains the link filename as a sorting criterion. However different filenames will limit how this filter could be applied. For greater flexibility a project parameter can be added to help on the sorting and filtering of data within your project or project template.


    Fig 3. Add parameters interface

    For the greatest flexibility set to an instance. Using the yes/no field will make it a simple case of clicking which linked files need to be included. This is beneficial in the case of files which have no common naming characteristics.


    Fig 4. Modifying schedule Properties

    Going to the schedule table field properties now reveals our custom field which can be added to our list of links.


    Fig 5. Setting the Revit Link filter

    Due to the field being a yes/no option the schedule will only show linked files that have a true condition. The nested links however do not have a true condition set and therefore will not display.


    Fig 6. Links schedule filtered with a true condition