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    By Dennis Collin 


    When working in a multidiscipline project it is often useful to know and show a list of linked files within the main federated model.


    This is easily achieved in Revit by creating a schedule of Revit linked files and adding fields to the schedule as desired. Any linked files which are visible in the project will be included in the table.


    The ‘Type’ field will display the name of the linked file, the ‘Name’ field is an instance property that can be used to identify for example, an individual flat type within a larger model.


    There are a limited number of fields for linked files, but if additional fields are required then some project parameters can be added to your project template. The ‘Room Bounding’ field is very useful for the creation of HVAC spaces and zones for MEP disciplines using the architectural model. As with any category in Revit it is much easier to validate data and change values within a schedule view than to trawl through the properties box in graphical views.