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    By Miles Nicholson


    The most probable cause is that the Autodesk Desktop App has been corrupted during an installation update.

    To fix:

    Uninstall the Autodesk Desktop App via Control Panel > Programs and Features and then go to the following link to download/install it again: 

    Autodesk Desktop App 

    If the program still fails to work, then continue with the next instructions:

    1. Exit Autodesk Desktop App by right-clicking on the icon in the System Tray and selecting Exit. If it is frozen and will not close via this method, launch the Task Manager and end the AutodeskDesktopApp.exe *32 process
    2. Click the Start menu and type services.msc in the search box
    3. Locate Autodesk Desktop App Service in the list. Right-click the service and select Stop
    4. Use the link above to download/install the program again
    5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 but this time select Start instead of StopNote: The service may automatically start after installing Autodesk Desktop App

    If the above still doesn’t resolve the issue, please get in touch with Customer Services on 01784 419911.