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    By John Flanagan


    If you adjust the crop region of a perspective, the view dimensions will also be modified. To modify the 3D extents while keeping the same sheet dimensions, change the Focal Length. Use the following steps:

    • Use the Camera tool to create a perspective view of your model.
    • Click the "Full Navigation Wheel" on the right of your screen.
    • With the navigation wheel open, right click the wheel.
    • Left-Click where it says "Increase/Decrease Focal Length".
    • Click and drag the mouse to increase or decrease the focal length of the camera view.



    Using the above technique, you can increase/decrease the focal length in both internal and external perspective views without having to move the camera.


    Use the basic sample project model in Revit and open the living room camera view from the project browser.

    Tip: Press the F8 function key to toggle on the full navigation wheel and adjust the focal length of the interior view using the steps outlined above.