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    By John Flanagan


    Navigation wheels contain common 3D navigation tools used for both viewing an object and touring a building. Activate the tool on the right side of your 3D view window. When the Full Navigation wheel is displayed, you can press and hold the middle mouse button to pan, scroll the wheel button to zoom in and out, and hold the SHIFT key while pressing and holding the middle mouse button to orbit the model.

    The navigation bar provides access to navigation tools, including the View Cube and Navigation/Steering Wheels. The navigation bar displays in the drawing area, along one of the sides of the current model’s window. The navigation bar is activated by default.



    Walk Around/Orbit the Model

    Use the Walk tool in the navigation wheel to walk around in the view. Then use the Pan or Look tool to make final visual adjustments. Use Rewind to go back to previous view limits.


    Visual Style settings for both views: Realistic, Smooth Lines with Anti-Aliasing, Ambient Shadows on, no background.

    You can use the navigation tools to view the building model both internally and externally. The internal laboratory view on the title caption was accessed using the walk tool on the navigation wheel. Practice using this tool to tour your models quickly.