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    By David Crowther


    When using the Select Features (from map) tool you will automatically select all the features that INTERSECT the area of Interest.


    However, by holding down the ALT button and using the Select Features tool, you will now select all the features that are CONTAINED within the area of Interest.


    By also holding the SHIFT key you can add to the current selection, or using the CONTROL key you can remove from the current selection.

    By combing the use of the ALT key and the Shift or Control Keys, you can then choose to ADD to or Remove from a Selection features that are either Intersecting or Contained within the Selection Area.

    In the example below, we already have a selection of London Boroughs in the East. Using the Shift Key we can the define a new Selection Area and choose to Add to that Selection…..


    ......and with the ALT key also depressed this will only add the London Boroughs that are Contained Within the selection area.





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