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By Gary Mann

By far, the quickest method of starting a project is to use the recently improved gbXML import which does not require user resourced DXF files. Previously, user issues of correctly aligning the DXF files with the gbXML output was problematic. If the gbXML came from an external source, the recipient would not always be aware of the precise x, y & z locations.

Cymap searches the gbXML file and extracts the x, y & z values. It finds the smallest and the largest x & y coordinates. It then increases these points by 1000mm, to provide a 1 metre clearance around the building and then generates a DXF file that contains a rectangle drawn to these exact points. This rectangle is given the name of “Project Name_FFL.DXF”

This file is then placed at each Finished Floor Level (FFL) which is directly extracted from the gbXML file, see below.


Although the building components appear clearly on-screen, it is not a DXF of the building layout. It is the Faces & Elements that have been defined within Cymap or another 3D Modeller, placed within the “Project Name_FFL.DXF” rectangle, outlined in red.

One issue with this DXF substitution technique is when opening “Projects”, conventional projects can be distinguished by a snapshot of their plan view, but a snapshot of an imported gbXML will only be displayed as a Rectangle, see below.


To alter this is as easy as incorporating a revised Drawing file. In the Building program, go to File>DXF Management. Highlight the first (Lowest) DXF in the list and select the Edit option. Use the Browse Button to select the required file and then select OK when done.



You could continue to swap out all the DXF files, but most users are content with the FFL created DXFs to enable fast access to Energy and all the follow-up programs.


Let me know if this helps or e-mail me if you have any particular interest or requirement.

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