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    By David Crowther



    What is the best way to create GeoPackage Layers?


    If you already have the datasets as another source format e.g. a Shapefile, you can use the new Package Layers GeoProcessing tool to package individual source files into a GeoPackage. Follow the steps below to create your own GeoPackage File. 

    In QIS choose the Processing menu > Toolbox to open the GeoProcessing Toolbox/Pane.


    From the Database toolbox choose Package Layers. In the Package Layers window, firstly choose the Input Layers and select multiple layers if required e.g. here I have chosen 3 Roads Shapefiles.


    If the Source files are not already open in QGIS you can choose Add Files to find their location.


    Having pressed OK to load the input files, now choose the Destination GeoPackage. Choose to Save to File and specify a Name and location for the GeoPackage file. Now Press RUN and the GeoPackage routine will start.


    Once completed, choose the Data Source Manager and make a Connection to the GeoPackage File, choosing to load each of the individual Layers by selecting them from the list and then choose ADD.


    The GeoPackage Layers will then be opened into QGIS.