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    By David Crowther


    Ever wanted to open Google StreetView or UK Historic Mapping Layers while still working closely with your spatial data? Now, using our new Map Links Tool, you can seamlessly link from your Planning Applications or Tree Preservation Orders directly from within MapThat.

    MapThat V3.2 now ships with our very latest Map Links tool, allowing you to connect seamlessly from MapThat to several external mapping sources such as Google StreetView and Side by Side Historic Mapping.

    • Using the Google StreetView panel a user can define the Rotation Angle and the Pitch of the Camera and then place a PIN in the map to open that location in Google StreetView.


    • Using the Side By Side panel a user can choose the map zoom level, the choice of Historic Map Layer and the Basemap to be placed Side by Side.


    Alternately using an Information Bubble with a clickable link, you can also allow users to click on your spatial assets and interactively open these external mapping sources.


    Why not try it for yourself: TryMapThat