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    By Ashley Rice

    Within the design stage changes to the floorplan can happen and this may affect the allocated space within the plantroom and additionally influence the riser dimensions throughout the entire project.

    Within this blog we will look at how to remove an existing floorplan DXF within Cyspace. This is how we will check for coordination, spatial-requirements and dimensional tolerances. We will then re-import the revised floorplan DXF to understand if the plant requirements are still adequate for the space.

    Step 1

    Single click on the floorplan DXF to select it. You will know if you have selected the DXF or the plantroom because that will change colour.

    It may be tricky especially if you have snapped to the DXF, so a useful tip if you are struggling due to Cyspace items being in the way, is to temporarily turn off the constraints and move a wall or item then this should help when single click selecting.


    Once you have selected the DXF you can right click and select “Remove”.


    The final stage is re-importing the revised floorplan and adjusting the layout to suit.

    You can either click Add at the top Ribbon or right click and choose Add DXF.


    Select the Revision from the windows browser as below:


    And readjust the Cyspace Plant room accordingly. The process is the same for Riser solutions.





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