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    By Miles Nicholson

    Excel Automation otherwise known as automatic project generation enables you to automatically create multiple drawings for a project using macros (circuits) from Excel data. Excel data can contain as many user defined variables as required to automatically populate as an example tag, manufacturer, part number, technical data values. Elecworks™ has a Microsoft® Excel add-in which improves the workflow when utilising Excel Automation. This functionality is especially useful for standard circuits with options such as motor control circuits & instrument loop diagrams. Loop diagrams can also be referred to as control & field instrumentation, instrument loops & process instrument drawings / diagrams to name a few.

    The following video shows you how elecworks™ will create automatic loop diagrams from Microsoft® Excel (XLS) data. The data could have been generated initially from P&ID information extracted predominantly from another CAD software e.g. P&ID. elecworks™ allows the user to map the Excel data to the elecworks™ equivalent field.