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    AutoCAD and its vertical products have system variables which control the behaviour of AutoCAD. These variables can allow text to be shown through solids, disable the file open/save window or to select objects first before starting an AutoCAD command.

    You can view these by using the command SYSVARMONITOR, but you can see a detail view by using the SYSDLG command. At times, you might want to export these and possibly import these onto a different PC, or just have a look at the variables.

    Open AutoCAD, and type SYSDLG to open System Variables window. The left side shows the different variables available, the top right side shows the value of the variable and the bottom right shows the description and what the different values could be.


    To export the system variables, click on Save All on the bottom part of the System Variables window. This will save a file with an extension .svf. If you are curious to see what’s inside, you can open this on Notepad to see a list of the system variables and its values.

    To import the .svf file, on the System Variables window, click Read and browse to the .svf file.