QGIS – How do you Create Grid Lines on a Scale Print?

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By David Crowther



How do you add Easting and Northing Grid Lines to a Scale Print within QGIS. 


To add Grid Lines/Markers and Coordinate Values to a QGIS Scale Print, simply follow the steps below:

 1 – Open QGIS

2 – Open the Print Composer window and then open an existing Print template

3 – Edit the MAP element


4 – In the Map FrameItem Properties make the following changes: 

  • Add a GRID
  • And choose the CRS e.g. 27700 (BNG)
  • Choose the interval units for the markers e.g. in Map Units with an interval of 100


  • Choose the GRID FRAME properties (the grid/ticks)
  • The Frame style chooses whether you have lines running through the map frame, Cross Hair Markers in the map or just Ticks on the edges of the frame
  • Choose the size, thickness and colour of those lines/ticks
  • Define whether the X/Y lines/ticks are shown on the left/right/top/bottom


  • DRAW Coordinates (the actual text values)
  • Choosing their Format – e.g. Decimals
  • And what coordinate values are shown X or Y
  • Inside or outside the frame
  • Specify the orientation of that text e.g. horizontal or vertical (ascending or descending)
  • Choose the Font and colour for the X/Y text
  • Specify the Distance that the X/Y text values are from the edge of the map fame
  • And the Precision of the values (number of decimals)


Having now updated your Print Template, you will have added Grid Markers e.g. Ticks and Coordinate Values e.g. Easting and Northing values.


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