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    By Anite Ramgi 


    The Icon Menu has component symbols which you can add to your drawing. You can add components by choosing the schematic symbols from the grid, or by searching the symbol .dwg from the browse button.

    When you press the Browse button by default, it will take you to the UserDataCache folder within the Program Files folder on the C: driver.

    If you use the Browse button frequently, you will know that after restarting ACADE, the Browse button reverts back to the default location. This can get frustrating if you have to frequently keep going back to the desired folder.

    You can set your desired folder location by editing your environment file. Look for the below line:

    *WD_INSCOMPDLG,x:/some path/,to override starting path for INS SCHEM COMP browse button

    Create a line and enter the below:

    WD_INSCOMPDLG, C:\Users\anite.ramgi\Desktop\ACADE SYMBOLS

    The text highlighted in red is the file path to the desired location. In my case, I have set it to a folder on my desktop called ACADE SYMBOLS. You will need to set this to your desired location. 



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