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    By Gary Mann 

    Often Engineering Designers will be given revised floor plans and are required to update their current Cymap model to suit. This is easily done in Cymap and this document will suggest an efficient method of achieving the required outcome.

    In the Building program, use Tools>Manage DXF.


    This will show all the current DXFs used in the project.


    Highlight the DXF file that you need to change and press the “Edit” option.


    N.B. As the warning message advises, you cannot edit the level, height or Z coordinates if services have been added.

    Although editing of the “Level” has been disabled to retain the entered Piped services at the respective high & low levels etc., choosing “OK” will allow “Swapping” of the Existing and Revised floorplans using the “Browse” button.


    Path to the location of the Revised DXF file and the existing DXF will be replaced by the replacement DXF. In some cases the old rooms, if different, can simply be dragged into the new revised positions using the Room Handles.





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