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    By Nick Harris 

    Autodesk Account, the portal for managing Autodesk subscriptions, has recently had a significant update. The update is currently being rolled out across Autodesk’s customer base in stages, based on the products they subscribe to, the type of licence and their location. If your organisation subscribes to Autodesk’s multi-user products or purchased single-user versions previously, you will see a refreshed interface with a new home page, improved search capabilities and better navigation performance, especially where you have many users or contracts.


    An updated Autodesk Account home page with classic user management.

    If you are a maintenance contract customer, switching your products to single-user subscriptions for the first time or a brand new single-user subscription customer, then you will have access to an enhanced user management interface in addition. In the background Autodesk has a made a significant change to the way that single-user licences are identified and authorised. The unique eleven-digit serial number that many of us are familiar with and identifies the product, version and purchaser of Autodesk software is being phased out. For this group of customers, new to Autodesk subscriptions, activation of single-user software is through user sign-on only. There is no longer a need to enter the correct serial number when installing the software or activating it. Now you must invite a new user by email to your group of Autodesk users through the Autodesk portal and then allocate them a product subscription. When they launch the Autodesk software for the first time they are asked to enter their Autodesk user account details.

    For these customers additional options are available under the user management section of the portal. Admin roles replace the Contract Manager and Software Coordinator persona we have had previously. Now a single user with the Primary Admin role is the main point of contact for this Autodesk Account and can add users, change roles and assign access to products and services. Multiple users with the Secondary Admin role can also create users and assign access.


    The new User Management Interface supporting the primary and secondary admin roles.

    Product users within your account are identified using their Autodesk user account, normally associated with a unique email address. When an Admin invites a new user, Autodesk checks for an existing global account associated with that email address. If there is one, then the user can use their existing username and password to authenticate the software. If not, they are invited to create an account and select a new password.

    Associating users and products is now simplified and clearer with this new user management mode. You are now able to assign users to products or products to users.

    To assign products to users you click a user’s name from the By User option under User Management menu and select a product from the list of available products on the right-hand side of the screen.


    Add products to users

    In a similar way, to assign users to products, select the By Product option and then click on the product. At the bottom right of the screen click Assign Users and then select an existing user or add a new user by typing in the user’s first name, last name and email address separated by a comma.


    Add users to products

    Over the course of this year there is a plan to move existing single-user customers to the new user management interface. If you have any questions about the changes to your Autodesk Account portal, please contact your Cadline account manager.