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    By Gary Mann 

    The simplest way of displaying a logo is to search the help file by inserting “Logo” and then listing the topics for “How to add your Company Logo”. The help file describes what should be done but I have also expanded upon this and use freely available tools to obtain, edit and resize any logo, step by step and also a means of storing different logos if you work for more than one client.


    To summarise the help file you need a graphic of Height 110 pixels, but no greater than 400 pixels and save as Customer.bmp in the Cymap folder. If the graphic is less than 110 pixels high it will be resized internally and may result in a graphic greater than 400 pixels wide which may overlap other Header Titles.

    I will use the Cymap graphic from the Helpfile screenshot above with the green background. Use the snipping tool that is shipped with Windows. If you haven’t previously used it just search for Snipping Tool.


    Some other useful tips than can be used when hunting Logos are:-
    Ctrl + Prnt Scrn – Captures the entire screen to the Windows Clipboard.
    Ctrl + Alt + Prnt Scrn – Captures the active Dialog Only to the Windows Clipboard.
    Then paste the captured screen into Windows Paint.
    To determine the current size of the logo, use Image>Resize.
    In this case it shows the image as 307wide x 136 High.


    Resizing the picture by 81% reduces the height to 110 Pixels, just what we require.
    You could use the Paint Program to select a smaller rectangular section of the green background to fill the 110 x 400 format, but generally graphic artists are not happy if you mess about or distort their artwork.

    To Save different logos to use when working for various clients, create a Logo folder inside your Cymap folder and inside the Logo folder each different Customer.bmp can be stored in an appropriately named folder and just dragged out to replace the previously used logo. See above each of the seven folders contains a different Customer.bmp logo file.


    The screenshot below shows Cymap used as a Company Logo on a printout.15.png






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