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    By Gary Mann

    I am often asked how to print a Cymap output to a file format such as PDF (Portable Document Format). This is easily accomplished by following the steps below: -

    In Cymap go to File>Print Setup and look for a PDF Writer in the list, selection one and click OK.


    ​In the screenshot below there are two common options. You may have several more on your computer but I will explain both highlighted PDF & XPS options listed below.


    1. “Microsoft Print to PDF” - this is installed when installing certain MS Office suites, but do look out for any other “Print to PDF” options as a search of the internet will find many apps from different vendors or links with other installed programs.
    2. “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” - this stands for Open XML Paper Specification.

    One disadvantage of using this XPS format is not all recipients can access this type of document and they may need to install an XPS reader.

    Then, when you next select "Print" you will be asked for a location and a suitable name. ​

    The newly created PDF document will be saved to the current project location unless changed by the user.  N.B. on changing Cymap programs, e.g. moving from Energy to Piping, Cymap printer settings will revert to the default Windows printer settings. If you find this inconvenient then just change the default Printer in Windows to a PDF writer and all programs within Cymap will use the Windows default printer unless otherwise changed within Cymap, see below.


    Hope this helps. Do let me know what interests you and I can include it in my next blog.




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