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    By Simon Brown 

    The BRE has decided to release totally separate versions of the SBEM calculation tool. In the past you merely selected the jurisdiction from within the specific version of SBEM. This has now changed with many different versions that are downloadable from the NCM website.

    You will need to download and install each and every jurisdiction you are performing calculations for, as below:


    This will entail keeping on top of projects you are running at the time to make sure you have pathed to the correct legislature in the BUILDING PROGRAM under EDIT – GENERAL so it points to the right datasets of building types and activity levels.

    A word of warning here - If you remove SBEM from your PC, any project will fail to load any of the room profiles which will result in ERROR6 if you attempt to enter a room profile or template profile, as its looking for the SBEM activity datasets which the software can no longer find. We are looking for a more elegant solution to this issue in the long term by holding the MDB path in the Cymap .CYC file, but in the meantime if you aren’t using SBEM but have done so in the past just leave it as it is to circumvent this issue.



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