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    By John Flanagan 



    There are a number of Revit Rendering/plug-in tools including Autodesk Cloud Rendering, Native Rendering, Vray, Lumion, TwinMotion and Enscape. Each plug-in has its pros and cons:

    • Cloud Rendering requires credits for high quality.
    • Native Rendering in Revit feels outdated and images look dull. Skies usually need to be enhanced in photoshop.
    • In Vray creating custom textures can be long and complicated.
    • The Lumion user interface could be more user friendly.
    • TwinMotion – fun interface but shadows are not great.
    • Enscape – Sharp colours, intuitive user interface and settings control.

    Using Enscape, the rendering above in the title image took only a few minutes to create and adjust. The settings in Enscape are very easy to use and to test. The global illumination and auto-exposure tools help you create a decent looking view within a very short period of time. The latest update Enscape 2.4 contains a new Asset library giving a greater choice of entourage and site components. Using Enscape gives you realistic skies and grass. Download a trial version and try it for yourself. After download you may need to update your graphics card. 



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