Revit 2019 Keep Dimensions to Links

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By Justin Doughty 


A number of users have reported dimensions going missing when loading a revised linked file. This could be a CAD or Revit Link, and the best way to prevent this from happening is to use the “reload from” method.

The example below is a typical situation of the next revision of an architectural .rvt link.

Go to the Insert Tab>Manage Links:


Then simply pick the link, “Reload from” and pick the new revision file:


Once loaded and ok'd, this should update the dimension as expected: 


However there are instances where this doesn’t always work, it would depend on what the dimension was originally linked to or from. If the element is the same, but is modified, it will work as expected. However if whoever has created the link, has for example, deleted one wall and placed an identical one in its place, then the link would be broken, as this is seen as a totally new element.

The other benefit of using this “Reload From” method with revisions is that the position of the link remains the same.

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