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    By Anite Ramgi 


    My colleague Justin Doughty loves to write blogs on how to restore a classical workspace with new AutoCAD releases, and AutoCAD 2019 is no exception.

    If you don’t feel like following the steps, or want an easier method, just run the attached script.

    To run the script, just drag and drop the .scr file onto AutoCAD making sure that there was no command running. 


    The .scr file follows the steps prescribed in Justin’s blog and additional, changes the color scheme to light and displays the layout and model tabs, but you can change these back from the Options menu.

    You can also run the scrip on older versions of AutoCAD, ie 2015-2018.

    Cadline Classic.scr 

    Disclaimer: Please note that running this script will alter your software. Before running this, please remember to save all work and backup your settings.