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    By Garry Stockton 

    Did you know Revit has given us the ability to have bulleted text? Yes, you may say, but from Revit 2017 you have a few more formatting capabilities. Firstly, you can have sub bullets, but you also have the capability to change the number that the bullet starts with. 


    You may ask why you would want to change the type or number that the bullet starts with. Say you are writing a list of notes to put on a sheet or drawing, but you run out of space, so you start a new column/set of notes. If you started the new column of notes the bulleted notes would start with 1 or A again but you really wanted the number to start 20 or M. With Revit 2016 or earlier you couldn't make this change but from Revit 2017 you can change what number the bullets start with by clicking on the Increment List Value button.


    Just be aware if you change the justification of the text from left justification, the sub bullet alignment might not be the alignment you want.