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    By Miles Nicholson 



    When an update is available for your elecworks™, when you start elecworks™, it will show a dialogue similar to the following:

    Select 243.png

    Enter your login credentials & download the latest version.

    Before you install the latest version it is always recommended to make a backup of your existing data:

    Archive Environment

    Administrative rights are required to install elecworks™

    Right click over the downloaded executable and select 1.PNG

    If prompted to install the software, select 243.png

    Select 2.PNG Update

    Select 3.PNG

    Select 3.PNG

    At the end of the installation, select 4.PNGto update the licenses

    Select 5.PNG

    Close X the License Manager 

    Select 3.PNG

    When you restart elecworks™ 

    Review and 2.PNG I accept the license agreement

    Select 6.PNG

    Select 7.PNG

    Review what gets updated and change the actions if required

    Select 7.PNG on each tab and finally 8.PNG

    Your elecworks™ will now be updated!




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