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    By Scott Cunliffe


    Vault Workgroup/Professional wants to control your Revision numbers by sending its value to your file.

    This means your files will be told they are at the default Revision according to the active Revision Scheme for your file’s category e.g. A, whereas your file may be at Revision G.


    To pull in the correct revision, we can use ‘Change Revision’ and select ‘From User Defined Properties’. 


    We now need a user defined property to pass the value to.

    Create a UDP e.g. Legacy Rev and have the file revision e.g. Rev Number for Inventor, map to it uni-directionally.


    If you are checking-in for the first time, your properties will map straight into Vault.  If you are working with existing data see footnote.

    Now that your files are in Vault, you can use Change Revision.  This can be done individually or in bulk.


    Once all legacy revisions have been captured in the Vault, the system revision process will take control and increment to the next revision when your lifecycles dictate it.

    You are then free to disassociate the UDP from your files.

    Note for existing files:

    You must Check-out -> Update Properties -> Check-in to make the properties map. 

    Synchronise Properties will not work because the current version of the file was not associated with your new UDP (Legacy Rev). 

    Beware -  if you have Revision mapped to Rev Number at this stage, it will be pulled down in the property update and you will lose the legacy revision value.




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