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    By John Flanagan 



    We can add new fields to schedules by using Shared Parameters. Use the following steps to create a Part Number field in a schedule.

    Step 1: Ribbon>Manage Tab>Settings Panel>Shared Parameters.


    If the above alert opens click the close button and the Edit Shared Parameters dialogue box opens.


    You have two options – Create a new Shared Parameter file or Navigate to an existing Shared Parameter file. We will navigate to an existing Shared Parameter txt’ file. To do this click the browse button and navigate to wherever the Shared Parameter txt’ file was saved. Once you have located the Parameter file, double click on it and the path for the file will show up in the Edit Shared Parameters dialogue box. The Parameter Group will also display and all of the created Shared Parameters will be listed.


    In the Edit Shared Parameters dialogue box, click New under the Parameters tab. In the Parameters Properties dialogue, for the Name – type RR_Parts Number or something similar. For the Type of Parameter select Text.


    Click OK. The RR_Parts Number is added to the Shared Parameters list. 28.png

    Click OK.                                                                                                                    

    Open the Schedule and in Properties click Edit Fields.


    In the Schedule Properties Dialogue Box click the New Parameter button.


    In the Parameter Properties dialogue box, click Shared Parameter and click Select.


    In the Shared Parameters dialogue box select RR_Parts Number then click OK. The Parameter is added to the Scheduled fields.


    Use the Up button to move it into position. Click OK to close all dialogue boxes. The new RR_Parts Number now appears in the Schedule.