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    By Ashley Rice 

    As you may know with Cyspace you can create solutions at an early concept design, without a plan/layout and determine that plan for architectural input. 

    However, if the engineer is late to the party and the plantroom is already dimensionally specified then the user can also modify a plantroom or riser solution retrospectively and adjust the kit and layout to suit with detailed space requirements.

    Default Square Plantroom


    As you can see above Cyspace will always create the most dimensionally-tight solution for the user on the layout screen. At this point we can adjust the walls with the drag and drop and move equipment to suit.

    Adjusted Plantroom


    As you can see the adjusted plantroom details the new dimension at the top of the screen as you manipulate the layout with the architect’s plantroom imported.

    Snapping the Plantroom & Importing More Equipment 


    Sapping the coordinates to the DXF is a very important workflow process to ensure that we are getting an accurately sized layout and the snap can be switched on or off at the bottom of the output screen.

    As you can see from the screen shot you can toggle from calculate to select to keep your modification layout.




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