Cymap 2018 - Service Pack 1 Released

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Our Cymap development team is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for Cymap 2018, which includes a number of enhancements and new features for you to enjoy.

Cymap Mechanical

  • Updates to the BRE SBEM calculation tools have been addressed. More information on this update can be found by reading our Cadline Community blog on this subject.
  • Our Stelrad database has been updated to encompass Ideal’s new ranges along with changes to their existing ranges.
  • When setting up a project the template room profile and materials are now loaded for gbXML import.
  • It is now possible to delete a radiator that has been restored through an undo.
  • You are now able to pan and zoom when defining a room, making the operation seamless.
  • When setting up projects regarding the treatment of the air in the EDIT GENERAL PLANT – COOLING/HEATING tab any out of range limits exceeded now display prevention warnings.
  • You can now create a TAS model from within the Energy program.
  • When copying a room, any prefix on the original room is not transferred to the new room.
  • Supply reference is displayed for all connected items.
  • Support for international date formats added.
  • You now have the ability to install Cymap silently across a network.

Cymap Electrical

  • We have made a number of additions and amendments to the cable database.
  • SP1 will enable users to setup decimal rated CPDs in the CPD databases, these new breakers will then be appropriately displayed in the wiring program.
  • In the Electrics program adding a cable length will now always start from the selected board.
  • When setting up new cables in the Cable DB, the AC Voltage rating is retained when you exit the database.
  • The ABB and Hagar switchgear databases have been updated.

Thank you for your continued support of Cymap and stay tuned for further product development news regarding Cymap 2019 over the next few weeks.


Please click the  link below to download Cymap 2018 Service Pack 1:


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