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    By Ashley Rice 

    When using the Cymap interface for Revit, also known as Cylink, you can directly add calculated services via the Cylink tab as seen on the screen shot below.

    Importing Cymap projects into Revit through Cylink


    Once you have selected the systems on the import button, those Cymap generated services are then turned into 3D content automatically and are ready to view for coordination.

    Viewing the services in Revit


    Any changes made to the system within Revit do not affect the calculation as the Cymap system is upstream and these changes can affect the results. So, it is advised that changes are calculated within Cymap and then reimported though Cylink again for the update or revised system.

    Simply make the necessary changes in Cymap, click file and then save.

    Then back within the Cylink application, select the system on the reference list, delete it and reimport it as shown below.

    Deleting services independently


    Reimporting the service