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    By Garry Stockton

    Do you need to print multipage PDF’s?

    Many people print multi-page drawings to DWF and then print from DWF to PDF to create multi-page drawings from Revit.  Revit can print straight to multi page PDF's using the following method.

    You can use Adobe PDF or Microsoft PDF creator.

    1. Select PDF as your printer.
    2. Use "Settings" to setup the correct page size and scale.
    3. Under "print range", select "selected views / sheets", then select the views/ sheets you want to print (assuming you wish to print more than one drawing sheet).
    4. Under "file", select "combine multiple selected views / sheets into a single file" and select the big "OK" to print.
    5. You will then be prompted for a file name and file location. Set this to suit you, and away you go... multi-page PDF.