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    By Dave Johnson 


    MicroDrainage Export

    I have been asked recently about hydraulic analysis in Civil 3D, while Civil 3D has a bolt on package that can be used for this, it is not industry recognised and as such you will need to look at using the MicroDrainage utility toolbox.

    It is a very simple process that is well automated within the software and the following blog will demonstrate this, the community page also has a video showing the process.

    The first step is to create your pipeline networks in Civil 3D.


    Once your network is created, all of the hard work is done, and you are only a couple of steps from creating your .mdx export file.

    MicroDrainage requires a style of pipe naming that isn’t created by Civil 3D as a default, however, the automation of renaming has been made easy using the MicroDrainage toolbox. Using the rename pipe option you can select your network, then follow the instructions on the dialog box to select a point at the start and at the end of your network, accept the naming convention the software suggests and your pipes will now rename.


    You are now ready to export your file, using the Export to File option you can once again select your network, the software will show you what is going to export, accept this to continue, browse to your saved location and the export is finished.

    This has now created a .MDX file that can be used in MicroDrainage to complete your reports and calculations.


     Thank you. Keep an eye open for more Blogs, White Papers and Videos on www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk