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    By Miles Nicholson 


    elecworks™ 2019 is now available for download. If you have a server deployment of the software, the server should be updated first. The clients can be updated from the resultant install clients folder. Standalone clients can be updated directly. It is always recommended to perform an archive of your data prior to commencing upgrading. Please refer to the following article:        

    Archive Environment 

    If you are in any doubt please contact customer services. 

    New Features: 

    • New Icon Set

    A new icon set and dialogues have been implemented which now support 4K monitors. 

    • New Command To Insert Macro (Circuit)

    A new command has been added in the Schematic and Line diagram ribbon menus to insert a macro (circuit). 

    • Select Schematic or Line Diagram ribbon tab > Insertion pane>46.png
    • Convert Schematic Drawing Or Wiring Line Diagram To Mixed Scheme

    In the drawing Properties dialogue box, you can now change the type of drawing. A schematic or line diagram drawing can be converted to a mixed scheme drawing. You cannot convert a mixed scheme drawing back to a schematic or line diagram however 

    Right click over a drawing > 47.png  > 48.png

    • New Hyperlinks in Report Drawings

    Hyperlinks that are shown in the report manager are now produced as hyperlinks in an automatic generated report drawing.


    • Archive Scheduler Available

    You can create a windows schedule to automatically backup your entire elecworks™ data. The backup process can be run independently of the elecworks software running. This is useful for backup of both standalone installations and network deployments. The scheduler software is available on request. 

    • Navigate From Wiring Cabling Order Dialogue To Scheme

    Double left click on a component within the Wire Cabling Order dialogue and elecworks™ will Go to and  open the drawing in which the component is inserted. 


    • Switch Cable Cores

    In the terminal strip editor, a new command has been added allowing you to switch two cable cores. 

    Select Advanced tab > 3.png

    Or highlight two cable cores and right click > 4.png

    • New Symbol Type Priority Renumber Parameter

    When you want to renumber components, you can select in the project configuration the type of symbol that will be numbered first. As an example, you may wish line diagram symbols to be numbered before multiwire symbols. 

    Right click over your project > Configurations > Project > Mark tab 


    • Black Box Terminals User Configurable

    Black box terminals are now user definable. Users can modify or create new terminal symbols that would include not only the attributes but also a graphical representation of the termination. 


    • Navigate from PLC Manager Dialogue to Scheme

    You can now Go to the PLC module within your schemes from the PLC manager. Right click over a PLC in the PLC Manager >

    This improves the existing Go To features already available. 


    • Search Improved

    In the Search dialogue box, you can now search within the Book. This gives greater flexibility in filtering when searching within your project.

    •  Connector Commands Improvements (Harness module only)

    New parameters are added in the connector configuration files to manage wipe-outs under the connector, to add a zig-zag line if the connector representation is split and to display cross references between split connectors.


    • Add Symbol to the Symbols Palette

    You can now add a symbol inserted in the graphical area to the symbol palette by using drag and drop. This enables users to easily access frequently used symbols. 

    • "Dimension Unit" Interface Option

    In the properties of wires, cables and manufacturer parts, you can now choose to display the dimensions in millimetres or inches. 

    • Delete Multiple Arrows In The Origin Destination Arrows Manager

    In the Origin - destination manager, you can now delete several origin-destination arrows by selecting the first and the last wire. 


    • New Electrical Assembly Command

    The Electrical assembly command has replaced the Super parts command and its management has been improved. An Electrical assembly is an assembly of several individual mandatory parts. Parts within an electrical assembly are now listed in reports either individually or by assembly.

    •  Improvements In The Copy/Paste Special Command

    When you Copy a Book within a project and then Paste Special, the component marks can be maintained if you create a new location. 


    • Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V In The Drawing Browser

    If you highlight a drawing in the drawing browser, you can now use [Ctrl]+[C] & [Ctrl]+[V] to copy and paste the drawing. 

    • Archive Project

    A new Archive project wizard allows you to manage the file dependencies associated to the project. 


    • Termination types

    Termination types are used to define how the cable cores or the wires are terminated on the components. 

    Right click over a symbol > 12.png

    You can choose the termination type. 


    The termination types are shown in reports.


    You can create new termination types in the Library ribbon tab > Customisation pane > 

    • Project configuration

    An Apply button has been added to the Project configuration dialogue box. This allows you to save any changes without exiting the dialogue box. 


    • Ascending/Descending Sort Condition Added Into Report Configuration

    Ascending or descending sort can be applied to fields within the report configuration.


    • Excel automation - Insert project macros

    Project macros can now be used within the process of excel automation.

    • Drawing Style Properties Available in Project Configuration

    Drawing Style properties can be edited & saved within the Project configuration. 


    • Wire Styles - Multiple Conductors

    The Multiple Wire command now supports wire styles made up of different wire types such as control, pneumatic, hydraulic… etc

    In the Wire Style configuration, you can now create as an example, a wire style with several Control conductors or a mixture of phase and control conductors.

    • Reports – Column Size Automatic Adjustment

    When showing the preview of a report, the column size is increased automatically adjusted.

    • Ability To Add The Project Database Fields Into Reports

    Fields from the project database are now available if you Activate Export Mode.

    • Import data - Import electrical assembly

    You can import electrical assemblies into the manufacturer part manager and into the project.



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