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    By Anite Ramgi 


    If you have ever used Inventor’s Presentation mode, you might have been frustrated if you ever wanted to change the reference assembly. Inventor by default does not have the option to change the reference assembly on Presentation mode. 

    Depending on the complexity of the modifications made to the presentation file, there might be a way to change the reference file.

    All you need to do is change the file name of the assembly file.

    The current reference file name needs to be renamed, while the new reference file name needs to be renamed to the current referenced file name.


     Alternatively, you could rename the original assembly file, so it breaks the link to the presentation file. When you open the presentation file, you’ll be prompted with a Resolve Link window. Here you can you can point to the new assembly file.


    Please note both these methods do not work 100% of the time.