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    By John Flanagan 



    The Revit Architecture Certified Professional exam is not version specific. It is not testing you on the new features of Revit but on its functionality. Think of it as a benchmark – you take the exam to prove that you are at a certain level of competence (certified professional). Certiport is the organisation that facilitates the Autodesk exam that you will sit.

    Exam Schedule

    Duration: 2 Hours

    Number of Questions: 35

    Pass Mark: Given in the tutorial immediately prior to the exam.

    Topics Covered

    • Collaboration
    • Documentation
    • Elements and Families
    • Modelling
    • Views

    Exam Tips

    • If possible use two screens, one screen to view Revit files and the other to view the exam questions. If you have access to only one screen you can use Ctrl and

       Alt to toggle between Revit and the exam questions.

    • Don’t open your own version of Revit prior to starting the exam. Revit will open automatically when you start the exam.
    • Read the questions carefully – for example, are you been asked to specify the perimeter, surface area or volume of a particular element such as a floor slab.
    • Have a quick tour of the User Interface to remind yourself of all tool locations especially Worksharing Display, Collaboration Tools, Phasing, Warnings Icon,    

       Legend Components and Mass Floors.

    • If you’re not sure of a question move on, remember that the clock is ticking. If you have any spare time at the end of the exam you can review all the questions that

       you have answered and complete any that you have skipped.

    Certificate Benefits

    Pass the exam and you will receive:

    • A personalised e-certificate from Autodesk.
    • Logos that you can include on your CV or show on your company’s website.