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    By Martin Phelps 

    When an “Element” is selected, “Temporary Dimension Text” is displayed as shown in Figure 1. 


    Figure 1.

    When the “Element” is deselected the “Temporary” dimension disappears.

    The default size of the “Temporary Dimension” is set to 8. This value is set to the view so zooming in and out has no effect on the size of the “Temporary Dimension”, it remains the same size regardless.

    The size of this text can be changed to suit the user.

    To change the size of the “Temporary Dimension”, select “File” at the top Left of the screen from the menu list, select “Options”, to display the “Options” dialogue box.

    From the list of “Categories” select “Graphics”, in the lower section of this category under the section headed “Temporary Dimension Text Appearance” the size can be changed, as shown in Figure 2.


    Figure 2.

    In figure 3 the value of the of the “Temporary Dimension Text” has been changed to 12, increasing its size.


    Figure 3.

    Also, to improve clarity the text can be set to “Opaque” which masks out the objects under the “Temporary Dimension Text”, as shown in Figure 4.


    Figure 4.

    Figure 5 shows the “Temporary Dimension Text with the default “Transparent” option.


    Figure 5.