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    By Henry Coombs 


    Autodesk recently announced that BIM 360 Build is now fully available for use from its European data centre in addition to its US one. If you are a BIM 360 Build subscriber with an account on the European data centre, you can now choose to use next-generation Field Management and Project Management for projects in your account. 

    Field Management provides powerful issue management and checklist capabilities to support quality, safety, commissioning workflows, as well as to track daily updates. Project Management supports RFI workflows, with reports and access on mobile devices. In addition, this module supports submittal workflows. Quality and safety dashboard reports are also now available to you through the Insight module. The new Project Home module is available for your projects, offering a single view into your entire project, with access to important, relevant and actionable information from across BIM 360 and even some 3rd party services. 

    Note: The Document Management module must be activated for any project that uses the Project Management or Field Management module. This module can be activated for any existing or new project in BIM 360.

    BIM 360 Field and the Field Management module cannot be used on the same project. When setting up a project, you will be able to choose which service to use. Be sure to select the appropriate data centre in your mobile app when accessing these services.

    If you have been waiting for the EU servers to catch up with US ones this is a good opportunity to try the next-generation BIM 360 site management capabilities and we encourage you to make your own comparisons between BM 360 Field Classic and BIM 360 Field Management.  Autodesk now intends to deliver software updates to the European data centre as part of its standard release process that is already in place for the US ones.