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    By Miles Nicholson 


    If you have installed your elecworks™ standalone or you are moving your data from one server to another server, the Archive Environment command is extremely useful to save all of your data to a single zip file. Both SQL data and drawing data is saved. Users can also archive environmental settings to retain data when switching from a client/server installation to a standalone installation on a single computer. 

    In addition, if you have your elecworks installed standalone, you should setup a frequent backup in case your PC should catastrophically fail. 

    Select File ribbon tab > Archiving panel > 580.png

    Select 581.png

    Select the objects you want to process e.g. 582.JPG All objects 


    If you have installed your software standalone, you should set a reminder: 

    Select 584.JPG Remind me to do a regular archive after this number of days 

    Define the number of days e.g. 30 

    If you have setup a reminder and you haven’t performed an archive within the duration set, elecworks™ will remind you on initial start-up.


    To unarchive on a new PC or server, select File ribbon tab > Archiving panel > 586.png  and browse to the zip file previously created by the Archive Environment.



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