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    By Garry Stockton 

    When using Navisworks, you may often need to create an Animation moving around the environment focussed on a central point. The enclosed method shows you a very easy solution to resolve this.

    1. Open a model in Navisworks and save a 3D view.


    2. Create 4 or 5 views in the Save Viewpoints panel rotating around the model. Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, Northwest and further required views, door/entrance for example.


    3. Right click in the Save Viewpoint panel, select Add Animation and rename it Orbit.


    4. Go back to Save Viewpoint and select all 4/5 views using shift and left click the mouse and drop into the animation. It will show below the Animation as below.


    5. Pick the animation, in this case I’ve selected Orbit in the Save Viewpoint. Go to the Animation tab across the top and press Play.


    If your animation runs slow, right click on the desired animation, change the duration to 20 seconds and play again.


    Good luck with your Navisworks.