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    By Dennis Collin 

    The Align command is a very useful command in AutoCAD. It enables users to move, rotate and scale objects all in one go within a drawing file. 

    The functionality of this command can be found on another Blog here: https://www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/211789185-AutoCAD-2017-Align-Command

    The Align command is in the Modify drop down within the full AutoCAD ribbon menu, but the command seems to be missing in the AutoCAD LT environment. 


    No Align command button on the left hand image, but with a little CUI tweaking it can be added! 

    However, the command does exist and can be accessed via the command line. Simply type in ‘ALIGN’ and the command and options appear as expected. If users desire the command to be on the ribbon, then we need to customise the AutoCAD LT menu. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend this process for new users, provided a backup copy is made in the event of problems it is a reasonably straightforward process. 

    The menu file is the Acadlt.cuix and can be found in the following location. 

    C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD LT 2019\R25\enu\Support 


    To customise the CUIx (custom user interface) file, type in ‘CUI’ at the command prompt. This will open the menu customisation dialogue box. 


    Scroll to the Ribbon panel as highlighted in the image above. Then click on the plus button to locate the desired position of the Align command within the ribbon structure, in this example I am going to emulate the full AutoCAD environment and position the command in a similar place (row 3 of the modify fly out). This will be next to the Join command which is also very useful.


    In the command list section just below the menu ‘tree’, select the legacy drop down filter and browse to the Align command. Once selected setup the command macro along with the icon and tool tips on the properties section on the right-hand side.  Once done, the changes can be applied and the ribbon should recompile with the ‘new’ command in the relevant position. 

    Other useful commands like ‘OOPS’ and ‘REGEN’ can also be added to the ribbon in the same way. 

    If you wish you could also right click on the icon on the ribbon and select the Add to Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) option, the more ways that commands can be accessed the better in my view!




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