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    By David Crowther



    I have a layer in MapThat which has a THEME associated to it, however when I use the Scale Printing tool, the layer is not being printed – what is causing this issue? 


    In our MapThat webGIS we can undertake True Scale printing, as we utilise GDAL and QGIS to undertake the printing on the application server. In order for the layers to be printed they are loaded into QGIS, styled and then printed to pdf.

    Therefore the likely cause of a layer not printing will be related to a combination of the Layers style options and the THEMES style options.

    Firstly, check that your LAYER has the correct options chosen for the FILL PATTERN. So although you will be using a THEME to style your data, QGIS will be using the FILL PATTERN option to define whether the polygons are Solid or Shaded.


    If you leave the FILL PATTERN as blank (as shown above), the layer may print out but it will have no fill.



    Secondly, check that your associated THEME has the correct options chosen for the LINE THICKNESS. QGIS will be using the LINE THICKNESS option to define a line around your polygon objects.


    If you leave the LINE THICKNESS as blank or zero, the outline around the polygons will now also be missing which means it may look like the layer isn’t being printed. 


    With these LAYER and THEME settings now applied, you should see that the THEME layer is now printing correctly.






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