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    By Dennis Collin  

    3D views are always a useful tool to visualise a model with any software, but in the past the default 3D views in Revit were always set to an orthographic projection, with no easy way of being able to set it to a perspective aspect.


    (orthographic projection)                                                          (perspective projection)


    With Revit 2019 onwards, to convert the default 3D view to a perspective aspect, just right click on the view cube gizmo on screen and choose ‘Perspective’ rather than Orthographic mode.


    Fig2. New 2019 Viewcube menu

    If the view is locked with annotations, a warning message appears, but Revit provides you an option of creating a duplicate perspective version of the view for visualisation purposes.

    In addition, further enhancements have been included with 3D views such as improved display performance and an improved Zoom Region command which works better with the perspective setting. Also, perspective views can now be properly locked preventing any panning or orbiting of the camera.