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    By David Crowther



    I have a datetime field that I wish users to view within MapThat, which is the best way to configure this?


    Firstly ensure that you know the format of the date field that you wish to represent. Is it a Date field or DateTime? Do this by checking the DESIGN of the source table to identify the type e.g. below it is DateTime: 


    Then in your Information Bubble settings (VE_LAYER_ATRREDIT) ensure you choose the correct value for the Column Type and Column Data Type, as both of these settings control how values are represented within MapThat. 

    The Column_Type controls how fields are handled when in Drawing/Edit Mode, and the options which can be chosen are: 

    • COMBO
    • LIST
    • TEXT
    • DATE

    The Column_Data_Type controls how records are ordered when displayed in the Data Table, and the options which can be chosen are: 

    • STRING
    • INT
    • FLOAT
    • DATE

    Ensure that the settings for both of these fields are the same as the source data and meet one of the above criteria. 


    Save the changes to the Bubble and re-open MapThat. You will now see that the Bubble and the Data Table show the Date values as required. In addition you can use the Edit Attributes tool to edit and insert new Date and Time values: