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    I have configured a layer to only show at a specific zoom level, but how can I notify users about this setting?


    If you have set a MapThat layer to only show at a specific zoom level – for example your Streetlights layer will only display between zoom levels 17-22 - when the user is outside of that zoom range the layer will be greyed out so that they cannot tick to display it.


    In MapThat V3 and onwards, the Admin User can now define a hover over message which can notify the user that they may need to zoom into the map in order to see the layer. This message can be configured differently layer by layer. In order to implement this, in SQL Server Management Studio choose to EDIT the VE_LAYERS table:


    In the LAYER_TOOLTIP field, you can provide any textual statement, such as ‘Please Zoom into the Map to see this Layer.’ To update all the layers with the same message you can also use an Update Statement such as;


    Each of your MapThat Layers will now be configured to use the same hover over message.


    Save the changes to the VE_LAYERS table and in MapThat you will now have the relevant hover over tool tip available for the user when their chosen layer is not within the correct zoom range.





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