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    By Luke Howells


    We all know how important the use of a complete and accurate Civil 3D template is as your starting point when working within Civil 3D. Unfortunately the 2018 version template has a few issues contained within it.

    The corridor surface naming default is one of those annoying ones.

    Every Civil 3D entity must have a unique identifier or name. This could be as simple as the next counter being applied. 99% of the Civil 3D template defaults do this, but in the 2018 version the default criteria for the Corridor Surface name doesn’t.

    This means you must manually change the Corridor Surface name before the software will allow you to create another surface.

    The fix is straight forward but involves diving into the Commands of the template, a place that many are scared to venture, but you shouldn’t be.

    Every time you click a button or tool you are entering a command, with Civils this may be a set of processes and criteria defaults.

    Move to the Setting Tab of the Tool space, expand Corridor then expand Commands.

    Double-click the CreateCorridor command to edit the settings and expand the Default Name Format.


    You will notice that most default names include the ‘Next Counter’ automation.



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