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    With the new “Copy Project Settings” feature, Admins can copy the BIM 360 Document Management folder structure from an existing project when they set up new projects. This provides a great way to standardise your company’s project folder organisation across all projects. The folder structure from any existing project in your account can be copied. To promote standardisation, Autodesk recommends setting up one or more “template” projects that can be copied when creating new projects.

    In the example below, a project called “Sample Project Template” has been set up with a standard folder structure, which is then copied when creating a new project called “New Project Based on Template.”  Here’s how to do it:

    • In Account Admin > Projects, select the “Add” button to start creating a new project.
    • In step 1 of 2, add the project name and other details (no change).
    • In Step 2 of 2, in the BIM 360 Document Management activation menu, you will see “Copy Project Settings.”  Select the project you want to copy, add one or more project admins and activate your project.



    Upon activation, your new project is created with the exact same folder structure as the source (template) project, like this:


    Autodesk plan to add more settings in the future, including the addition of roles and permissions to streamline project setup even more.

    New Project and Account Navigation

    The new project navigation greatly simplifies project and account navigation.  Projects are now displayed by Account, and Autodesk has added a search function so you can easily find and navigate to the right project.


    To find a different project (even if it is in a different BIM 360 Account), start typing the name.  Select the project from the search results to jump to that project.


    To select a different BIM 360 Account, choose “Change Account”.


    Once you select an account, you will see the list of projects (to which you belong) listed below the BIM 360 Account name.


    In addition to the new navigation, Autodesk has also added an improvement to the folder view.  Now when you sign in to BIM 360 Docs, both the “Plans” and “Project Files” top-level folders will be expanded by default.

    Improved Issue List View

    Autodesk has added a “Company” column to the Issue List, so that you can easily view not only the project team member, but also the Company, to which each issue is assigned.