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    By Martin Phelps 

    With the introduction of AutoCAD 2019, for those users who have not yet upgraded, there has been an update of all icons not just in the “Ribbon” menu, but also in the “Quick Access” and “Status Bar” menus. Figure 1 shows the “Ribbon” “Home” tab as per AutoCAD 2018.


    Figure 1.

    Compared with the AutoCAD 2019 “Home” tab as shown in Figure 2, icons now appear clearer and flatter allowing quicker and easier access to commands.

    I’m assuming the main reason for the change is 4k compatibility.


    Figure 2.

    One change, long time users will notice, is that on closer inspection the “Trim” icon has been reintroduced with a pair of scissors which originally appeared in AutoCAD release 12.