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    Which URLs/Protocols need to be accessible for Autodesk Subscription Licenses?


    How does Autodesk Subscription work?

    Customers who purchase a subscription can install their products from the Autodesk Account. After installation, you need to login to use the software. Logging in determines the user’s software entitlements. The licensing component collects and sends product usage data to Autodesk servers daily in compliance with the Autodesk Privacy Policy Statement.

    What URLs / protocols should be accessible for Autodesk Subscription to work?

    If your computer connects to the Internet through a firewall or a proxy server, ensure that the proxy is configured to allow unrestricted and anonymous access to the following URLs. The default port number for HTTP is 80 and for HTTPS is 443

    Important: Make sure TLS 1.2 is enabled

    URLs in Green are for subscriptions with single-user access that contain a Serial Number. 
    URLs in Orange are for subscriptions with user ID-based licenses only (No serial number).
    The others are shared URLs between the two types above. Most products support both Serial Number and Non-Serial Number components, so the entire list may need to be white-listed in your firewall/proxy server.


    Does the user have to be online constantly to use Autodesk Subscription products?

    Users are authenticated via a login dialog box upon starting an Autodesk product, and should be online at this time. After that, the user needs to connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days to continue using the software.

    What information is sent from the user's machine to Autodesk

    During login, the following information is sent to Autodesk servers:

    • Autodesk Account credentials 
    • Time and Date of Access
    • IP Address

    Every 24 hours, an authorization process sends the following information:

    • Serial Number
    • Product Line Codes / Product Key
    • IP Address
    • Release Type
    • OS information
    • Product language and country code
    • User ID
    • Autodesk Enterprise GUID (Internal identifier)
    • Windows NT User
    • Computer name
    • Usage start time and end time
    • License component version
    • Time zone information (GMT Offset)
    • Network domain where product is running

    What are the IP Addresses and the physical locations of the Autodesk servers?

    Users should use the DNS names for configuring access on proxy servers, and not IP addresses. The physical locations of the Autodesk servers are not published, and in many cases, servers are redundant and replicated for high availability. 



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