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    By Gary Mann

    Cymap has many features that are overlooked or unknown by users who have not enjoyed our basic training. One feature I use all the time when investigating customer projects is that of fading the background DXF. To do this in the building Program go to Display>Options and in the default General Tab there is a slider labelled “DXF Transparency”. Slide this to approximately half way and the [Test] display will fade to indicate the selected level.


    Below is a part plan without DXF fading.


    On a typical project there will be many services crossing and connecting to each other. If the DXF is not faded, a DXF line could be mistaken for a pipe routed at low-level where the default Line-Type is solid. If the DXF is faded there is much less chance of mistaking a grey line for a black line. Compare the above part plan with DXF faded below.


    Email me if you fade the DXF or if there is anything else you would like featured.

    Thank you.  At your service - gary.mann@cadline.co.uk



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